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During your holiday in Bali with family or friend, why don’t you try one of best water attractions, this island can provide? You must be wondering? What are the best water attractions for family activities in Bali? If you ever heard about sightseeing submarine, than this is all about. The activity calls Odyssey Submarine Bali tours. On this sightseeing submarine, you will be able to view, the amazing scenery of underwater world, without doing diving activities, and kids will love it so much.

Odyssey Submarine Bali
Until this time, the island of Bali still don’t have large aquarium, to see under water world. If you can see it live on their origin habitat, why do you need aquarium?

Odyssey Submarine Bali tours, located in Labuan Amok, Antiga village, Karangasem regency. It’s on the eastern part of the island, the distance of from Sanur, about 75 kilometers. You will need to drive about one half our to get to the site.

Underwater Sightseeing Tours

Odyssey Submarine Bali diving is a sightseeing submarines tours. All ages can join the sightseeing submarine tours, the submarine cabin design for safety, also with comfortable atmosphere. Parents, adults, children and even babies, can now enjoy the scenic beauty of Bali under water world, even though you are not an expert in diving.
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bali submarine tour
For your information, this sightseeing submarine vessel only operates in two places. One is in Maui Hawaii, USA and the second one is in Bali. The submarine vessel produce by Victoria Machinery Depot Co.Ltd. The sightseeing submarine vessel has weighs 72.6 tons, and the engine use battery power. Dimensional of the submarine, has 17 meters long, 4 meters wide and 5.5 meters high, and has the ability to carry 3.500 kg of weighed. This vessel can reach the depths of the ocean, up to 35 meters. If you would like to know more about details on this submarine vessel, you can read it here, Odyssey Submarine vessel specifications.

The sightseeing submarine vessel, is secure in deep water environment. Can you imagine 35 meters under water depth? 35-meter depth can only be achieved by professional and experience divers, also this diver should be equipped by high quality international standard diving equipment. With this depth, you will see amazing scenery of underwater world, which you normally saw it on television, but now live from your submarine.

bali underwater tour
Odyssey submarine vessel can accommodate 36 passengers. On the cabin of sightseeing submarine tours, there are seats on the left and right sides, facing to the windows. On the front section of the seat, there are submarine skippers who operate the submarine vessel. The cabin are in fully air condition, definitely you won’t get hot inside the cabin. You and your kids can view the beauty of underwater scenery freely.

The type of scenery you will find such as, sea animals, coral reefs and sea plants. You can view it clearly from the window of the submarine. The durations of sightseeing submarine tour program is 45 minute. Before you enter the submarine, all passengers must be weighed, not only you, you’re belonging that you carried, should be weighed. All of this for security reason, because the submarine has maximum load 3.500 kg.

sightseeing submarine
If you are a smoker, definitely you won’t be allowed to smoke on the cabin. Beside that, all passengers are not allowed to eat and drink, inside the submarine cabin. Before you enter the cabin of the sub, we recommend you to go to toilet first, there is no toilet on the sub.

Some of our customers are wonder, about the atmosphere inside the sub? When we try it, we find out the atmosphere inside the cabin are very light, this will make your children feel very convenient.

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So when you are in Bali, and want to know about things to do for kids and family during Bali activities, we recommend you to try, odyssey submarine Bali water sport. You don’t have to do diving in Bali, if you are not an expert in diving. Your children can see the life of underwater world securely. If you want to find out about the review from previous customer, who have tried Odyssey Submarine Bali tours, you can get it here Odyssey Submarine Bali review

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